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Fortnite Car Update – What You Didn’t Know

Have you been waiting for ages to see the new cars in Fortnite? Well, they are finally here. With the latest update, Epic Games has finally added new vehicles to the game, which has made the gameplay of current Chapter 2 Season 3 absolutely fantastic.

The new update to the game is mainly focused on the cars. It’s called the ‘Joy Ride Update’. With this update, you can now drive vehicles and move around the map very quickly. You can also smash structures and hit your opponents causing damage to their health points (HP).

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In this new update, there are now four types of cars in Fortnite. They are – the Islander Prevalent Sedan, the Victory Motors Whiplash Sports Car, the OG Bear Pickup, and the Titano Mudflap Truck.

Different cars come in different speeds and health points (HP). The truck comes with a massive 1200 HP, the pickup comes with 1000 HP, and finally, the sedan and the sports car both come with 800 HP. The truck is the biggest and the slowest vehicle in the game, but it’s excellent for smashing things. On the other hand, the whiplash sports car is the fastest vehicle currently in the game, which is best for escaping when you are in a trouble.

The new cars come in different colors and styles. For example, the Islander Prevalent has different color variants in the game. It also has a taxi variant. The Titano Mudflap is often seen loaded with different cargo. All the cars have multiple color variants in the game. The cars can be found almost in any location on the map. But they are mostly spawned in big locations and roadsides and found plenty in numbers.

You need fuel to drive cars. Cars after being spawned, already have fuels in them. But you need more fuel to keep them running. When you get inside a car, you will see a meter on the lower right-hand corner of your display. This meter indicates two things – the speed of the car and the fuel available in it. When the fuel runs low, the meter will notify you that you need to refuel.

There are two ways to refuel a car in Fortnite. You can use gas cans or you can go to the fuel stations. Gas cans are available as loots all over the map, and you can collect them for refueling purposes. Alternatively, at the fuel stations, you need to take your car close to the dispenser machine and use the hosepipe to refuel your car. Whether its a gas can or a hose pipe, you just need to equip it, press the fire button, spray the fuel on your vehicle, and it will be refilled with fuel.

Not all cars in the game are usable though. Some have yellow locks in their front wheels. You can not ride those, even if you break those locks.

Fortnite Locked Car
Locked Car

Lets answer some common questions about the new cars –

1. Do the cars have horns and radio?
– The answer is yes. All the new cars have horns and radio built into them. When you get into the car, the radio turns on, and it will play music from popular singers like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Drake, and others, which is pretty exciting news for music lovers.

2. Do the cars have a speed boost feature?
– The answer is yes, and no. Currently, only the sports car has a speed boost. When driving with it, you can use to boost to drive at even more speed.

3. Can cars move on the water?
– No, the cars are only designed to operate on the land, and not in the water. But you can easily cross shallow waterways if you drive at a good speed.

4. Can you collect items while driving a car?
– Yes, you can. Items will be picked up normally.

5. What happens if you ride a truck with cargo in its back?
– The cargo will simply be demolished and the truck will return to its basic shape. Absolutely no damage will be caused to the truck.

6. What happens if you hit your opponent with a car?
– Your opponent, when hit by your car, will be launched upwards and take fall damage. Damage to your opponents will vary depending on the height they fall from.

7. What happens if you hit your structures with a car?
– Your vehicles take no damage when hitting small, lightweight objects like bushes, fences, walls, etc. But they will take damage from gunshots and upon hitting heavy objects.

8. Do the cars blow up?
– Yes. A car simply blows up if its HP reaches zero. Upon reaching zero HP, a car allows you five seconds to get off and go to a safe distance. Car explosions cause instant damage and burn to a certain radius of the area around it.

9. Do the gas cans blow up?
– Yes, gas cans blow up when they are shot. When a gas can blow up, it causes instant area damage and also burns the surrounding area. Can be useful if you plan to break opponent walls and burn their structures. Can also be used as explosives, if you are good at using it.

10. What happens if a player is inside and the car blows up?
– The player instantly dies.

11. What happens if the tires of your car are punctured?
– If you continue to drive your car while it’s tires are punctured, it will automatically lose health points at a constant speed.

12. Can you consume health and shield items inside a car?
– Yes, you can.

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